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Welcome to Classy Feel, the premier destination for unparalleled makeup artistry in the bustling city of Dwarka. We are the leading Makeup Artist in Dwarka. We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as your reliable and esteemed collaborator in attaining a remarkable and enduring aesthetic that radiates sophistication.It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our distinguished team of exceptionally talented makeup artists, all of whom are based in the vibrant city of Dwarka. At our prestigious establishment, we are fully dedicated to mastering the art of enhancing your natural beauty. This ensures that you will exude an unparalleled aura of self-assurance that distinguishes you from your contemporary peers.

Parlour Services at Home in Dwarka

Our ability to achieve that much-sought-after air of sophistication has earned us a stellar reputation. We are honoured to be recognized among the Top 10 Makeup Artists in Dwarka. To guarantee that you receive nothing but the very best, we take immense pride in the work that we do, which is why we never settle for anything less than the highest quality products and always strive to be at the forefront of the most recent trends in makeup. Whether it's for a special occasion, a wedding, a photoshoot, or simply to feel your best every day, our makeup artists in Dwarka are here to create a look that resonates with your unique style and personality. When you choose us, you're not just choosing a makeup service – you're choosing sophistication, glamour, and the artistry that reveals your inner beauty for the world to admire. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to set up an appointment and allow us to turn your appearance into a masterpiece that reflects your self-assurance and creates an impression that lasts for a long duration.   


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Why Choose Us ?

Our one-of-a-kind touch and unique makeup techniques can significantly boost your attractiveness. Our professionals can treat your skin using efficient methods to make it seem brighter and healthier.

Professional Makeup Artist

We are a professional makeup artist who also provides hair cutting, style, rebonding, colouring, hair care, and extensions.

State of the Art Technology

Our professionals will treat your skin using current procedures based on cutting-edge technology to make it seem brighter and healthier.

Makeup Hygiene

Our makeup artists ensure hygiene by cleaning and using clean products as efficiently as possible while doing their work.

Customised Approach

Our makeup artists will spend time analysing your unique characteristics and recommending the best way to generate special makeup and hair design.

Want to know more about us

Our expertise enables us to pick only top-tier professional category items that minimize the harmful effects of product use on your skin and hair.

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Do you Cater to those with Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, we offer items that will relax and de-sensitize it. We utilize specially designed primers and concealers to neutralize redness in acne, rosacea, and problem-prone skin, ensuring your complexion remains perfect all day. With this in mind, you are free to use any products you believe are appropriate for your skin type. We are more than pleased to use them since we want you to feel completely at ease on your special day.

Will I need to apply a lot of makeup to look attractive if I generally wear very little makeup?

Absolutely not. Our service focuses on improving your natural characteristics and providing a professional appearance that feels like you, guaranteeing you look great on and off camera. Makeup is all about balance, therefore we will strike a balance between what will look fantastic on camera and what will still seem natural to ensure you are happy with your selected look.

Is it okay to wear a foundation every day? What can I do to avoid it from sliding off?

You can always use foundation if you use a primer beforehand! Because there are so many various types of primers, you may tailor them to your specific skin conditions. This is the simplest approach to keeping foundation in place.

How do I choose the best Red Lipstick?

Women are constantly on the lookout for this. If you have pink on your complexion or are really fair-skinned, go for cooler "genuine" red tones with a hint of blue. Olive-skinned ladies look better in a warmer orange-red tone.

Which foundation is the most effective?

The foundation gives the appearance of a smooth complexion. To begin, decide on the level of coverage you desire: thin, medium, or full. Next, choose a finish: matte, naturalistic, or dewy.

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